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Who we are

Represtor is a business organization with an extensive share in the national market. We manufacture, represent and commercialize a vast array of products in the solar control/protection area, for interiors as well as exteriors.

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Represtor, S.A. has developed throughout these years an ongoing work policy, directed at improving established methods and creating new procedures that make it possible to meet and abide by European standards.

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Copyright and other intellectual property rights exist on all text relating to Represtor’s services and the full content of this website. The website and each one of its elements (as trademarks, logos, photos, pictures, images, texts, videos, etc,.)

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Blackout B8 – New opaque fabric for large windows

REPRESTOR expands its range of Blackout fabrics, presenting a new solution for obscuring large windows, with excellent handling and fire resistance – the BLACKOUT B8 fabric.   REPRESTOR’s BLACKOUT B8 is an opaque fabric of excellence, elegant and with a refined texture, developed for application in interior spaces.   Given the extraordinary width of 4100…


SOMBROLL 140 & SOMBROLL 240 – Sun protection for tilt-and-turn windows

REPRESTOR has just launched two new solutions for interior shading – SOMBROLL 140 and SOMBROLL 240 –, designed for vertical windows and tilting windows. The SOMBROLL 140 and SOMBROLL 240 are two compact and elegant systems, designed for use indoors and on vertical or sloping windows. They stand out for allowing their installation directly on…